Technotex Testing & Quality Assurance Limited

Inaugurated in 2015, Technotex Testing & Quality Assurance Limited is one of the fastest growing organization in the field of Testing, Inspection, Auditing, Calibration, Certification and Environmental through constant endeavour with professional expertise from the national and international platform. We are now operating the organization globally through the experienced personnel with sophisticated equipment to ensure the accurate information.

Technotex has been working with the full range of Auditing, Certification and Calibration Services for the international renowned customer considering to supplier’s industrial development issues. Also, we provide technical support to protect the life of the line workers and the asset of the entrepreneur.

Our core business is Calibration, Testing, Inspection and Environmental Auditing with a dedicated textile and garments in our Bangladesh office. Laboratory instrumentation and equipment is calibrated in house and is traceable to national standards. We provide calibration services to our customers in accordance to ISO/IEC-17025. High accuracy calibration equipment, trained personnel & strict environmental conditions are maintained to ensure low uncertainty and high accuracy of measurement.