Health & Safety Management System

Demonstrate your ability to improve the health and safety with ISO 45001:2015

ISO 45001 replaces the British standard OHSAS 18001. The implementation of ISO 45001 is a strategic and operational decision for your company, allowing you to obtain many benefits:

  • Fewer injuries. Reduce injuries, health problems and even fatalities due to work practices.
  • Proper development and dissemination of the work health and safety policy with clear leadership by management, as well as a commitment to comply with current legislation.
  • An improvement in the organization’s reputation.
  • A more precise definition of the occupational health and safety objectives of an organisation.
  • More motivated employees, boosting consultation and participation.
  • Clear leadership by management, as well as a commitment to the management system and compliance with it.
  • Better risk control and improved occupational health and safety performance and results.


Benefits of Implementing an Occupational Health & Safety Management System

Better manage your health & safety risks

ISO 45001 is designed to help create the best possible working conditions in each organization with operational controls in place.


Create a corporate culture

When staff are aware of their individual roles and responsibilities in looking after their own health and safety, they are more likely to avoid potential hazards.


ISO 45001 is designed to be harmonious with other management system standards and specifications, such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.