Technotex is one of the fastest growing organization in the field of calibration. We provide calibration services to our customers in accordance to ISO/IEC-17025. High accuracy calibration equipments, trained personnel & strict environmental conditions are maintained to ensure low uncertainty and high accuracy of measurement.


Gain confidence in the reliability and accuracy of your measuring device

Calibration is a comparison between a known measurement (the standard) and the measurement using your instrument. Typically, the accuracy of the standard should be ten times the accuracy of the measuring device being tested.


Calibration of your measuring instruments has two objectives. It checks the accuracy of the instrument and it determines the traceability of the measurement. In practice, calibration also includes repair of the device if it is out of calibration. A report is provided by the calibration expert, which shows the error in measurements with the measuring device before and after the calibration.


The accuracy of all measuring devices degrade over time. This is typically caused by normal wear and tear. However, changes in accuracy can also be caused by electric or mechanical shock or a hazardous manufacturing environment. Depending on the type of the instrument and the environment in which it is being used, it may degrade very quickly or over a long period of time. The bottom line is that, calibration improves the accuracy of the measuring device. Accurate measuring devices improve product quality.


When should you calibrate your measuring device?

A measuring device should be calibrated:

  • According to recommendation of the manufacturer.
  • After any mechanical or electrical shock.
  • Periodically (annually, quarterly, monthly)


Following Parameters are taken up for the calibration:

  • Thermal calibration services
  • Mechanical calibration services
  • Electrical calibration services
  • Mass & Volumetric calibration services
  • Analytical calibration services


Hidden costs and risks associated with the un-calibrated measuring device could be much higher than the cost of calibration. Therefore, it is recommended that the measuring instruments are calibrated regularly by a reputable company to ensure that errors associated with the measurements are in the acceptable range.